30th November at Edith Creek

30th November at Edith Creek

Next steps fighting for your jobs 

We still have not heard from Murray Goulburn head office about the progress of the Edith Creek sale, who all the potential buyers are and whether those buyers will guarantee hiring local workers with the same wages, rights and conditions as the current enterprise agreement. That's why the 30th November is not the end of the fight, and it's why we still need your help and your voice to win.

On November 30th, expect to see a bunch of media. The Union office has had calls from many outlets giving us a heads up that they will be attending the site on the final day of work. The media might want to talk to you and it's your choice but here are some tips:

  • When it comes to your life you're the number one expert. How the closure impacts you and what you've gone through is a really important message that every Tasmanian, the State government and MG head office need to hear.
  • You are free to give your opinion and views on what MG and the government needs to do next (or should have done better) but remember...
  • Don't say negative things about individuals. We want to make it about how we fix this, not a slanging match.

Keep the aim in mind - we want the factory to re-open as soon as possible with locals in good quality union jobs on the same rates of pay and conditions.

Make your voice heard

Phone calls from regular people can have a big impact on decision- makers. They can't escape the attention and it forces them to deal with the matter. A lot of decision makers might be thinking this issue is going to die down after November 30th. We need to show them the opposite is true. We need to show them that the longer the factory stays closed the bigger the issue gets.

That's why we need you, your family and your friends to call your local politicians and MG head office to ask them a very simple question - what are they doing to make sure Edith Creek re-opens under a new owner with at least the same wages and conditions?

  • Joan Rylah MP - call 6477 7536

  • Jeremy Rockliff MP - call 6478 6050

  • MG Head Office - call 03 9040 5000

The Union is us working together. If you want to remain a member you can. If you're not working you don't pay any fees.

In the next week after closure, we'll host a conference call report back for all about the sale progress. More details soon.