Amazon's 'hellscape' revealed in Victorian Warehouse

Amazon's 'hellscape' revealed in Victorian Warehouse

NUW National Secretary Tim Kennedy comments on stark working conditions

The Sydney Morning Herald this week ran an expose of the conditions facing workers at the Amazon 'fulfilment centre' in Melbourne's outer south-east. 

Workers at this enormous warehouse process thousands of products for shipment every day, but they are entirely employed by labour hire firm Adecco. Every moment is monitored with a timer being triggered after each task is completed that counts down until their next picking time has expired. Does this sound familar? If this is your experince at work, speak to your delegate or organiser or get in touch with

Our National Secretary Tim Kennedy highlighted that workers "should have a job that provides leave when you are sick, financial security to get a home loan and the ability to collectively bargain with your workmates to improve wages and condition".

The conditions experienced by these workers, like many employed in Amazon warehouses globally, are setting a new standard in Australia with 100% labour hire.  No worker should be expected to perform under the kind of pressure that leads to high levels of stress and anxiety.  All workers have the right to a job they can count on and the power to bargain collectively.

We need to change the rules now to give working people real power to organise and bargain, and hold powerful global companies to account.

Exploitation of warehouse workers by Amazon is a global problem.  To find out more about the conditions faced by Amazon workers in the UK and in America check out the following links:

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