Chemist Warehouse workers speak out

Workers at Chemist Warehouse Distribution Centres Speak Out


The National Union of Workers has commenced an investigation into sexual harassment, bullying and exploitation of labour hire workers in Chemist Warehouse distribution centres. Fill out the form below if you want to share your experince or get in touch with an organiser.

We’ve spoken at length with current and former Chemist Warehouse workers. They have told us about a toxic workplace culture that enables and condones the mistreatment of workers. We’ve heard about systemic sexual harassment and predatory behaviour. We’ve heard about widespread bullying and intimidation. We’ve heard about the utter disrespect for labour hire casuals who are treated as disposable.

Everyday more and more workers are speaking out. But we know we have only scratched the surface. If you have worked at a Chemist warehouse distribution centre, we want to hear about your experiences. We want to hear from those with first-hand experience about what should happen next, and the changes they would like to see.  

When workers come together, powerful things happen. Your voice lends support to those who have already spoken out, and will inspire others to take action. Together we are building a collective movement to shine a light on Chemist Warehouse distribution centres and the toxic culture that has endured for far too long.

To speak with a member of our campaign team, please provide your details below and we will be in touch with you. All details are strictly confidential.