Exploited Farm workers win substantial payout

Exploited Farm workers win substantial payout

Agri Labour pay out in settlement with migrant workers


Migrant farm workers from Vanuatu have won a significant financial settlement after a landmark legal claim that used new laws designed to protect vulnerable workers from exploitation and wage theft.  The five workers involved in the case reinforced to the press that while the win was significant, their main goal was to reaffirm that they as contributors to the economy should have the same rights as all workers. 

Charles Power of Holding Redlich, the lawyer who represented the workers, indicated that the success of the case could lead on to further claims for a larger group of workers who experienced exploitation while working for the company.  "We are now preparing to file a similar case for an additional group of Agri Labour workers who will be seeking unpaid wages and penalties."

The case is a landmark victory in fighting back against intimidation of underpaid workers in the horticulture industry.  Agri Labour have now been suspended by the federal government from bringing new workers to Australia under the seasonal program.


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