Your Work Rights

When you join the National Union of Workers, you join the collective strength of tens of thousands of members, nationally, who are all unified to fight for better pay and conditions and a decent working life. 

All workers in Australia have the right to join the union without fear or retribution. All workers have the right to be: 

  • paid the minimum wage 

  • paid superannuation contributions 

  • work free from bullying or harassment 

  • access union representation 

  • participate in collective bargaining to improve conditions at work.


Unions play an important role in making sure health and safety standards are met in workplaces to reduce injury and and workplace related stress for workers.

The NUW trains OHS Reps to become more aware of their rights in dealing with workplace hazards. They also encourage OHS Reps to speak up in order to help build safer working environments. 

The NUW aims to have elected and trained OHS reps at all our sites so they can represent members on any OHS matter. It is also important for OHS reps to be kept up to date on changes and developments to OHS laws.