Fair Food in the media

Fair Food in the media

NUW members have shared their stories to expose exploitation, sometimes despite threats and intimidation

Fruits of their labour 14 Nov 2016

Fruit supplier to Coles and Woolworths using illegal foreign workers 15 Nov 2016

Another supermarket fruit supplier caught allegedly underpaying migrants 15 Nov 2016

Supermarkets need to step up in face of exploitation of migrant workers: National Union of Workers 16 Nov 2016

'Sweatshop' claims: Perth Spud King Tony Galati's hot potato 24 Apr 2016

Exploited farm workers still owed thousands, despite Government's crackdown promise 23 Mar 2016

Federal Government’s Seasonal Worker Program safeguards failing, parliamentary inquiry hears 16 Mar 2016

Cheated workers paid out 9 Mar 2016

Workers at Woolworths supplier paid a pittance, threatened 6 Mar 2016

Backpackers 'targeted by dodgy labour hire companies' in 'culture of impunity' 2 Mar 2016

Seasonal farm workers receiving less than $10 a week after deductions, investigation reveals 26 Feb 2016

Shocking conditions exposed in Federal Government’s Seasonal Worker Program 16 Dec 2015

Claiming back pay may be a struggle for Baiada’s foreign workers 8 Dec 2015

Worker maimed, company convicted, after La Ionica chicken factory accident 26 Oct 2015

'Nearly impossible' to earn a decent wage at big supplier to Coles and Woolworths 3 Oct 2015

'Black jobs': Rampant exploitation of foreign workers in Australia revealed 1 Oct 2015

Horticultural giant Costa Group accused of undercutting working conditions on its berry farms across Australia 29 Jul 2015

Turi Foods drops labour-hire company over exploited worker claims 24 Jun 2015

Foreign workers exploited at Baiada chicken processing plants: Fair Work Ombudsman finds 18 Jun 2015

Hundreds face job loss as Woolworths axes Broadmeadows distribution centre 11 Jun 2015

Migrant workers organising for a better life 9 Jun 2015

Poultry producer Hazeldene's quizzed by MP over union claims foreign workers underpaid, overworked 21 May 2015

Woolies ‘morally’ responsible for farm workers 18 May 2015

Taskforce to target worker exploitation, visa fraud following 'slave labour' revelations 18 May 2015

Poultry producer Hazeldene's rejects union claims migrant workers underpaid, overworked 12 May 2015

NUW Boss: If You Want To Sell Humans, You Just Need a Mobile And A Spreadsheet 8 May 2015

Farmers criticise report into migrant workers 8 May 2015

Food-sector workers weighed down by supply chains 5 May 2015

Slaving Away 4 May 2015

Australia's fresh food workforce: How does it operate and who is involved? 4 May 2015

Gone with a text. The demise and possible rise of unions 28 Mar 2015

Foreign work sham spreads to largest chicken processor 17 Dec 2014