Every Worker Deserves Jobs You Can Count On


In industries across Australia the gap between the very richest and the majority of working people is getting wider.  More and more people are finding that they need to work multiple jobs just to make ends meet, because their wages have stopped rising and they can no longer rely on secure employment.

We know there is a crisis growing at the heart of the current system and that workers, their families and communities are the the ones who will lose out. That is why the NUW is building a movement for Jobs You Can Count On.


Jobs You Can Count On is a campaign built on the experiences of workers and driven by workers - the people who are feeling the impact of insecure jobs and the unfair laws that weaken our rights at work.  Permanent and casual workers are standing up together and speaking out against this unfair system together to make sure Jobs You Can Count On remains the biggest political issue in the country and change the rules for a more equal society.




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