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Statement from National Union of Workers (NUW) National Secretary Tim Kennedy.

The NUW is deeply distressed and appalled by a CNN report regarding sham Black Lives Matter Facebook pages and websites.

The NUW has launched an investigation into claims made by a CNN report and has terminated the officials concerned.

The NUW is not involved in and has not authorised any activities with reference to claims made in CNN's story.

The claims made in the report, and subsequent reports, betray the values of the NUW and are abhorrent to all the hard-working NUW officials and members who are tarnished by these claims.

Further, our values of respect, dignity and equality define us. Every day, we represent workers organising collectively and struggling for a fair go.

We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and like grassroots activist organisations nationally and internationally.

The Western Australian office remains open and will continue to be staffed locally.