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Members in Bandiana are joining the industrial action that is being taken by Linfox Defence workers across the country...

Workers were marched off-site today after proudly wearing their Union hats, which was part of a protected industrial action to demand an above inflation wage increase. Members have stayed strong and showed solidarity to the bosses despite the companies efforts to block the democratic and lawful process. ✊Proud Unionists, SHARE and comment ✊

Accepting the companies offer would mean stagnant wages for hundreds of workers for the duration of the four year EBA. Instead Defence workers across the country are choosing to take action and fight the #wagecrises.

This is why we need to #changetherules so workers can organise freely in their unions and fight for #jobsyoucancounton without being intimidated by employers. Solidarity!

Australian Unions Victorian Trades Hall Council Sally McManus