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Fantastic news!
Workers at PFD Food Services in South Australia have voted up their agreement after standing strong and making significant ground over 6 months of negotiations which included a vote for an overtime ban.

The agreement was successfully voted up with a count of 128 yes votes to 10 no votes across the 5 sites.

Workers have secured a 3% increase per year on wages and allowances. The initial offer from the company was a 2.7%, 2.5%, 2.5% increase over the life of the EBA.

Other wins includes increases of more than 3% to the part time and full time freezer allowance, meal allowances, the money handling allowance and a reduction in shift time for full time freezer work from 38hrs to 30 hrs.

Congratulations to all of the members who stood together throughout negotiations and secured a fair deal for workers on the site - united we bargain, build power and win #JobsYouCanCountOn for working people! #UnionProud