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Tomorrow workers at food production site Freedom Foods (Popina) will vote on the 2018 EBA.

Delegates have worked hard in bargaining meetings to protect the provisions made in the previous agreement. However, after a number of meetings the company have not moved on a number of issues that are important to workers.

They have refused to offer a pay rise of more than 3% without workers giving up their right to union meetings and any RDOs for new employees.

The company are asking workers to trade their right to organise and bargain collectively. Without this ability workers cannot protect their conditions and build strength. Delegates need the union meeting time to focus on and understand issues at their site and in their industry, work with organisers in training and plan for EBA bargaining. It is an absolutely vital part of the work delegates do in fighting for fairer workplaces across our union.

The NUW says we must 'vote NO' to this agreement at tomorrow's meeting. Worker's rights cannot be traded off - we need to organise for #JobsYouCanCountOn, now and in the future.

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