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On Saturday communities from across Melbourne met at the state library to show a united face to the far right who marched recently in St Kilda.

Many unionists, including NUW members, were present - we are clear in saying that calling out racism and standing up to fascist ideology is union business. Throughout history workers have organised in their unions to challenge the divisive rhetoric of the right, and Nazis have always targeted unions by trying to turn working people against each other on the basis of ethnicity.

We have seen internationally the targeting of pickets by the right, most recently in the U.K. with the harassment of RMT members on strike in Manchester protecting the public right to have guards on trains.

Fascists know that when workers are truly united, they cannot be divided by fear. Unions, in all of our diversity, must continue to grow, organise and stand up for the rights of all workers.

NUW member Matt from I-View attended the rally. This is what he had to say:

"A proper union fights for all its members. Not just in the workplace, but outside of it too. That's why we came to this rally, to stand up to racists and Nazis."

Michele O'Neil Australian Unions Victorian Trades Hall Council Migrant Workers Centre

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