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This letter reads like a joke, but it’s not. Check out how Tailored Workforce literally dictates how Chemist Warehouse workers should go to the toilet, by way of a “letter of counselling.”

While some of the lines in this letter will make you laugh (we did too), the subtext is anything but funny. It demonstrates a labour hire agency that tries anything to control, demean, and condescend workers.

To explain to an adult how to use a bathroom and imply that we probably live like slobs at home, but should show the employer’s bathroom “more respect,” is an insult to working people everywhere.

Chemist Warehouse workers see through this petty attempt at humiliation and will continue to push forward until they receive the respect they deserve.

If you think Tailored Workforce needs a letter of counselling of their own, you can send your advice to

Australian Unions Victorian Trades Hall Council