NUW Assist

The NCC is made up of experienced Online Industry Organisers who are focused on working with delegates and OHS reps to build union strength and power for members at a site, industry and whole of union level.

Online Industry Organisers have responsibility for a group of members working in an industry. The NCC has been designed to support and strengthen the delegates' role on site. As a Union we have developed strong structures on sites with delegates, OHS reps and enterprise agreements. These structures are there to empower members at their worksite. We want to ensure these structures continue to grow.

The NCC supports delegates with unresolved problems once an attempt has been made to resolve these issues on site.

What support will the NCC offer?

Answering and assigning calls: officials in this role will receive first contact with the member or delegate and arrange a time for them to talk with the online industry organiser.

Following up issues or grievances that require further assistance: Online Industry Organisers will be dealing with all issues and grievance within the Industries to which they have been assigned. The Online Industry Organisers role will be focused on building strength onsite by supporting Delegates and OHS reps and growing the Union.

When should I contact the National Campaigns Centre?

Delegates can always ring NUW Assist for advice on how best to deal with an issue on their site. The relationship between Online Industry Organisers and delegates is a crucial one to help empower delegates to resolve problems and campaign for positive change on site.

This means that NUW members can seek advice and support from their delegate with the full backing of their Online Industry Organiser.



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