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Your up to date index of news stories relating to NUW activities and campaigns.  Articles date from 2010 onwards.



03/07/2019, The Weekly Times, NUW attacks Fonterra over decision to close Dennington dairy factory

26/06/2019, The Weekly Times, Victorian Government tells Fonterra Australia to seel factory to Dairy companies

07/06/2019, Australian Financial Review, New union fit for 'precarious world of late stage capitalism'

23/05/2019, The Red Flag, Campaign launched to defend sacked call centre delegate

23/05/2019, The Standard, National Union of Workers calls for job promises when industry recovers

17/05/2019, Equal Times, Australian unions seek to “balance the power of the powerful” in historic election

15/05/2019, The Australian Journal of Pharmaceuticals, Meds left out in the heat allege union workers

10/05/2019, The Sydney Morning Herald, Underpayment as business model: what is wage theft?

03/05/2019, ABC News, Coles and Woolworths urged to boycott suppliers linked to the exploitation of migrant workers

28/03/2019, Sydney Morning Herald, Stunning win for Chemist Warehouse workers on both wages and labour hire

24/03/2019, Sydney Morning Herald, Chemist warehouse stores running low in stock as strikers allegedly targeted

14/03/2019, ABC News, Freedom Foods accused of underpaying, exploiting migrant workers in Shepparton Dairy

11/03/2019, Red Flag, Warehouse workers strike at industry giant

27/02/2019, Sydney Morning Herald, Amazon Hires permanent employees after complaints about casual work

30/01/2019, Brisbane Times, Employers warned over privacy breaches when staff take domestic violence leave

21/01/2019, Australian Journal of Pharamceuticals, Fresh CWH Union Allegations



03/12/2018, Sydney Morning Herald, Farmers using black market labour

22/11/2018, ABC Gippsland, Industrial action at Saputo dairy processing plants

21/11/2018, SBS Khmer, What is an enterprise bargaining agreement?

15/11/2018, Overland, How to organise a call centre

13/11/2018, Green Left Weekly, Call Unite Against Racism

12/11/2018, Australian Financial Review, Woolworths faces shareholder resolution on labour rights

5/11/2018, Red Flag, Call centre workers get organised

29/10/2018, Guardian Australia, Third of Australian Workers paid half of minimum wage

22/10/2018, The Weekly Times, Thousands Rally in Melbourne for pay rise and better working conditions

14/10/2018, Sydney Morning Herald, We have the same rights: exploited migrant workers win big payout

20/08/2018, Full-Time jobs cut but no forced redundancies at Blayney's Nestle plant

30/07/2018, World Socialist, Australia: Report reveals 'Harvest Trail' exploitation of overseas workers

29/07/2018, Sydney Morning Herald, Migrant farm workers launch landmark $10m legal claim

22/06/2018, ABC News, We can't afford to pay it: farmers warn of grocery price rises if unions win horticultural wage hike

04/06/2018, The West Australian, Perth Woman part of low-wage class action

03/06/2018, Sydney Morning Herald, Multimillion-dollar wage theft group actions to be files in Federal Court

19/05/2018, Sydney Morning Herald, Key farm scheme badly rorted, migrant workers paid $8 an hour

10/05/2018, Jacobin, The Melbourne March

03/02/2018, Green Left Weekly, Ridley Agri Workers walk off the job over poor conditions

20/01/2018, The Guardian, Amazon's labour-hire deal and the impact on collective bargaining



28/11/2017, SBS News, $100m wage theft, class action launched

28/11/2018, The New Daily, 'Exploited' Telstra and Foxtel salespeople launch historic class action

22/11/2017, Sydney Morning Herald, Woolworths workers win big wage rises, farm supply chain gets overhauled

27/10/2017, The Weekly Times, NUW 'cautiously welcomes' Murray Goulburn's sale to Saputo'

21/10/2017, Sydney Morning Herald, Woolworths faces wave of warehouse strikes over pay and job security

18/10/2017, The Weekly Times, Illegal worker amnesty: unions AWU and NUW back farmer bid

06/10/2017, Sydney Morning Herald, Unions and super funds up ante on human rights abuses



13/12/2016, The Sydney Morning Herald, Landmark legal action over farm underpayment

18/11/2016, The Sydney Morning Herald, Workers pay price as charities turn their back

16/11/2016, ABC News, Supermarkets must step up to exploitation

15/11/2016, Sydney Morning Herald, Another supermarket fruit supplier caught underpaying migrants

27/07/2016, ABC News, Coles food distribution centre workers strike over pay, job security

19/05/2016, Guardian Australia, Coalition plan on wage theft falls short

06/03/2016, The Sydney Morning Herald, Workers at Woolworths Supplier paid a pittance, threatened



01/10/2015, SBS News, Australia's treatment of Kiwis is appalling

15/09/2015, Overland, Absorbing Corbyn

09/09/2015, New Matilda, Who Ya Gonna Call When Workers Get Ignored And Exploited?

21/07/2015, Overland, Hoping Against History

19/06/2015, New Matilda, Our Meat Market for Workers: How Coles And Woolworths Benefit From Worker Exploitation

11/06/2015, New Matilda, A couple of questions for Joe 'Good Job' Hockey

11/05/2015, Bendigo Advertiser, Hazeldenes factory rejects union claims of underpayment

05/05/2015, ABC News, Action promised to clamp down on labour hire companies

05/05/2015, The Sydney Morning Herald, Migrant Workers in slave-like conditions - ABCs Four Corners

05/05/2015, The Age, Food sector workers weighed down by supply chain

04/05/2015, Daily Mail Australia, What young migrants are forced to endure on Australian Farms

04/05/2015, ABC News, Australia's fresh food workforce: how does it operate and who is involved?

30/03/2015, Overland, Wage Rage and Penalty Rates

27/03/2015, The Age, Gone with a text. The demise and possible rise of unions

27/02/2015, Overland, Greek Lessons

Spring, Overland, Fair Australia Prize Editorial


28/4/2014, The Weekly Review, Welfare organisation workers cry foul

16/2/2014, Wall Street Journal, Caterpillar accused of pressuring temporary staff

16/2/2014, The Age, Union accuses Caterpillar of bullying its casual workers

22/1/2014, ABC, Concern over migrant worker exploitation

12/1/2014, Sydney Morning Herald, Bully, underpay claims about charity call centre

7/1/2014, Working Life, How fair are our unfair dismissal laws?


16/12/2013, Herald Sun, Slave wage outrage

16/12/2013, Herald Sun, Woolworths subcontractor accused of paying employees $3 an hour

11/12/2013, Maribyrnong Leader, Union push for pay parity points to empty shelves

4/11/2013, Pay breakthrough sees Woolworths warehouse workers return to work

03/11/2013, Daily Telegraph, Penny Palmer shows misogyny still alive in Australia in 2013

02/11/2013, Border Mail, Woolies workers claim fair pay win

31/10/2013, ABC, Woolies warehouse workers reject pay offer

29/10/2013, Border Mail, Woolies workers protest outside Wodonga store

28/10/2013, Prime News, Striking workers to target supermarkets

28/10/2013, Hobson Bay Weekly, Linfox reinstates union delegates

28/10/2013, Border Mail, Woolies' city staff bolster Barnawartha strike

26/10/2013, Border Mail, Workers ask shoppers to drop Woolies

25/10/2013, Lip magazine, A first-person account of alleged workplace bullying

25/10/2013, Prime News, Warehouse closes as workers strike

25/10/2013, Seven News, Woolies workers stage strike

25/10/2013, ABC, Workers stage protest at Woolworths warehouse

25/10/2013, Lip Magazine, A first person account of alleged bullying

24/10/2013, Border Mail, Woolworths workers walking off the job

18/10/2013, The Guardian, Australia's Kleenex workers - used for dirty jobs

18/10/2013, The Drum, Australia's second class of insecure workers

18/10/2013, The Age, Linfox workers stood down

17/10/2013, Wyndham Weekly, Linfox workers protest in Truganina over bullying

16/10/2013, The Age, Protest over alleged culture of bullying

27/9/2013, The Age, Man sacked after wearing Hawks jumper to work

26/9/2013, Bendigo Advertiser, Empire Rubber trial begins

16/9/2013, Dandenong Journal, Hafele defends safety claim

03/9/2013, ABC, Coalition's job security campaign contradictions

28/8/2013,, Voters want help for insecure workers

28/8/2013,, Why aren't Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott listening?

06/08/2013, Lip magazine, Advocating for female workers' rights worldwide - it's the same battle

02/08/2013, Birdee, My boss asked me to strip for him

24/7/2013, Hunter Valley News, United we stand

19/7/2013, Eden Magnet, Eden explosive workers walk off the job

18/7/2013, Toowoomba Chronicle,  Union reacts to explosive situation

18/7/2013,The Australian, Munitions workers at defence contractor Thales walk off the job

8/7/2013, A Current Affair, Sacked

10/6/2013, Herald Sun, Cancer survivor Lisa Milkovic sacked by Priceline

22/5/3013, ABC 774 Drive, Victorian Secretary, Tim Kennedy, calls on GlaxoSmithKline to return public funding

22/5/2013, The Age, Drug giant takes state cash, axes jobs

22/5/2013, Herald Sun, GlaxoSmithKline axes 120 jobs

20/5/2013, Geelong Advertiser, Machine grabs man

20/5/2013, The Age, Owner of Lilydale and Steggles charged after worker's decapitation

13/5/2013, Radio National Bush Telegraph, Dairy farmers call for end to minimum three hour shift

24/4/2013, Radio National Drive, Casual workers fear losing work after sexual harassment

23/4/2013, Wyndham Weekly, Linfox worker won't accept sacking

21/3/2013, Radio Adelaide, Adelaide stationery workers angry loss of contract could cost jobs

20/3/2013, Adelaide Advertiser, Protesters rally after OfficeMax wins SA contract

19/3/2013, Maribyrnong Weekly, Coles Laverton distribution centre staff win fight for fair share

14/3/2013, Lip Magazine, Insecure work: the new attack on working women

13/3/2013, ABC Radio National Drive, Workers' Reality: No sick leave, no holiday pay and $9/h

19/2/2013, Brimbank Weekly, Cold store workers fight for fairer pay

16/2/2013, Central Western Daily, Unions vow to fight for Electrolux workers

30/1/2013, Portside Messenger, Local jobs could go

22/1/2013, Geelong Advertiser, Please, please give me a regular job

21/1/2013, The Punch, This election, the economy is not just a numbers game

21/1/2013, The Punch, This is what life is like for the "underemployed"


10/12/2012, Dandenong Leader, Waterwheel jobs in jeopardy

19/10/2012, The Age, Bragging rights for the poorly paid

8/10/2012, The Age, Staff at food plant allege years of bullying

22/8/2012, The Age, Unions criticise Australia Post's Walmart connection

9/8/2012, The Age, Biscuit plant closure to cost 105 jobs

28/7/2012, Green Left Weekly, Coles workers accept new agreement after strike

23/7/2012,, Coles warehouse workers accept deal

17/7/2012, The Age, More strikes hit blood plasma giant CSL

16/7/2012, Crikey, Coles strike-breakers: who's who at the Somerton stand-off

11/7/2012, ABC, Toll says striking Coles workers breaking the law

11/7/2012, The Age, Strike-action fear as Coles moves against workers

10/7/2012, ABC, Hundreds of Coles workers go on strike

10/7/2012, The Age, Coles trucks likely to face picket line

10/7/2012, Financial Review, Workers picket Coles warehouse

2/7/2012, The Age, Injured workers spied on by transport giant Toll

8/6/2012, The Age, Casual workers forced to wear barcodes

30/3/2012, Crikey, Week old chicken sent 'back to supermarket shelves'

14/3/2012, Sydney Morning Herald, Sigma seeks help to end strike action

23/2/2012, The Australian, Key union urges end to strike ballots by workers



  • 27/5/2011 - 9 News - Golden Circle cuts 160 jobs

View video here.

  • 27/5/2011 - Courier Mail - 160 Golden Circle workers lose jobs as Northgate factory ends beetroot line

View article here.

  • 27/5/2011 - The Chronicle - Golden Circle sackings shock staff

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  • 23/5/2011 - USA Today - Heinz Plans up to 1000 job cuts, profits climb

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  • 3/5/2011 - Courier Mail - NUW and other unions at Labour Day in Brisbane

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  • 3/5/2011 - Northern Times - More photos of the NUW at Brisbane's Labour Day rally.

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13/4/20011 - Herald Sun - Article about Dennis harsh treatment by Swift management after his foot was crushed by a forklift at work 18 months ago.

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January 2010

  • 15/1/2010 - Channel Ten - footage of NUW mass meeting at Baxter for Ingham's employees
  • 16/1/2010 - Australian Financial Review - Ingham's article click here  AFR

February 2010



News items on Lance Pedersen being sacked from Golden Circle



9/7/2010 - The Courier Mail, Strike Action at Brisbane Airport. Click here




Star Hume, Woolworths dispute click here