Poultry Delegates attend Change the Rules in Adelaide

Poultry Delegates attend Change the Rules in Adelaide

National meeting of delegates takes to Adelaide Streets for rally


The Trade union community came together in a show of collective strength on Wednesday 25 October to make the case for fairer workplace laws and more power for workers across all industries.

The rally, which met at the State Parliament house, was one of several taking place across Australia over two weeks in the campaign led by the Australian Council of Trade Unions. 

Michele O Neill, President of the ACTU addressed the crowd and thanked them for their bravery in standing up for the amny thousands of exploited workers across teh country.  Wages have continued to stagnate in Australia while costs have continued to grow.  Many families have been pushed into debt, forced to work long hours and accept overtime with no extra return.


Every worker deserves stability and secure work so that they can have time with their family and friends.  We need secure jobs, fair wages and the ability to bargain collectively.  Workers in the poultry industry are ready to go out to members and speak about the need for hope and the need for action to secure a better life for workers now and in the future.