Rush labour-hire embroiled in Plutus tax fraud

Rush labour-hire embroiled in Plutus tax fraud

A report in today's in the Australian Newspaper provides more evidence as to why labour-hire licencing to regulate the industry is long overdue.

On Wednesday and Thursday this week the NUW and Queensland Unions will be visiting State Parliament to speak to politicians to talk about why we need to make sure labou-hire companies are licensed to protect workers from dodgy operators.

"A Queensland warehouse complex run by grocery giant Metcash has been drawn into the Plutus Payroll scandal, amid a Taxation Office probe of labour hire companies at the site and fears workers have been underpaid.

"Imogen Beynon, the Queensland lead organiser for the National Union of Workers, said up to 200 workers may have been underpaid.

“Since raising this concern, a number of other issues have surfaced,” she told The Australian.

“The NUW believes union members have been employed by Rush Group at Metcash over the last three years, but now we have received evidence that potentially three different businesses have either been employing or paying these workers over that period.”

She said the affair added weight to the union’s call for labour hire firms to be licensed.

“There are absolutely no hurdles in the way of someone deciding to exploit the system and exploit workers, workers who front up and provide an honest day’s work,” she said.

Metcash head of corporate affairs Steve Ashe said the company was “not in a position to form any view on the accuracy of the NUW allegations at this time”.

“However we take any potential noncompliance in our supply chain seriously and expect any labour hire providers we engage to comply with their legal obligations,” he said.

“We are also working with the NUW and reviewing our labour hire requirements to minimise the risk of any potential disruption to workers and operations at the site.”

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