Saputo Fresh Milk workers win out

Saputo Fresh Milk workers win out

Fresh Milk workers have achieved a great outcome with massive improvements to the conditions in their EBA!


Workers in fresh milk have remained united throughout the bargaining process - in voting unanimously for a 24 hour stoppage members in NSW and VIC demonstrated their unity and the company were forced to agree to almost all of the members claims.

The workers have won:
• overtime to be paid after an 8 hours ordinary time, not 8 hours and 24 minutes
• paid meal breaks.
• 30% shift allowance for nights
• Double the amount of training leave for delegates and triple in the case of a third shift
• a $500 additional payment
• a dispute clause that now covers any issue and is not restricted

Further, workers no longer have to work the 8 hours OT included in their wage, with the hours being absorbed into their base rate. If members work the same amount of hours next year as they did this year, this deal will provide the equivalent of approximately 16% increase in the first year.

This is a brilliant outcome for the fresh milk workers, only achievable because members were willing to stand together and demand a better agreement from Saputo.