Toll Somerton Union & Company meeting

Toll Somerton Union & Company meeting

November 2017 MINUTES

Toll:        Elias Eliopoulos, Paul Motta
NUW:     Delegates: Shane Weston, Sam Milazzo, Rob Korn, Spiros Cechris, Chris Enderby, Liz McEwen,  Andrew Veitch, Paul Daicos, Rob Brettschneider, Mehmet Dayanc, Mazan El Mir, Roger Sulei, Andrew McDonald, Rupak Bajaj.
               Organiser: Tim Gunstone

Outstanding Agenda Items

  1. Toll have agreed to fund our Toll People delegate to ensure he can attend meetings on paid time - ensuring Toll People workers have the same rights as direct workers as our agreement requires.
  2. Toll accepts there needs to be a path to direct employment, but have concerns that direct employees may be less productive. The union said this was no reason to leave Toll People (TP) casuals stuck in limbo with no path to direct, then permanent, employment. Elias Eliopoulos has agreed to prepare a proposal for our December meeting detailing how and when TP casuals can move to direct (TSC) casual.
  3.  The NUW requested the quarterly data about number of permanent full time and part time workers, TCS casuals and TP casuals. This will be provided in two weeks time and we will discuss the number of permanent positions to be offered at our December meeting. 
  4. 4 x 10 shift. Toll accept that every permanent full time worker must have access to the ADO system upon request, however the 4 x 10 shifts may not go ahead if members working that roster want access to ADOs. 
  5. PPT members working Saturdays were underpaid when working OT during the week. Toll have data going back to July 2016 and are in the process of calculating the back pay owed - this should occur in the next few weeks. Toll is not sure if it can retrieve data for the underpayments before July 2016, and is working on this. If any affected member has payslips from earlier Toll are happy to use these to process back pay.  
  6. PPT members not having personal leave hours credited to total hours for the week. Elias has a Fair Work decision that he believes is relevant and will circulate, then further discussion will take place.
  7. Public Holiday shifts. Toll clarified that when a public holiday falls in a rostered shift and you volunteer to work you are guaranteed a full shift, but that if the public holiday falls on a day you were not rostered to work you are guaranteed only four hours (and can opt to work only four hours if you tell Toll this.) 
  8. Mass meetings - Toll are unable to offer meetings for all members on Thursdays due to volume at this time of the year. Elias offered to ensure casuals were all working full shifts if we held meetings on Tues or Wed, and to ensure that any members that missed the meetings could have paid time later in the week. 

Standing Items

  • Rotation of work:
    • Toll are training people in dispatch to ensure they can backfill roles when dispatch workers are rotated out into the pick
    • Toll accept that rotating someone from one pick role to another is not ideal, but say this will need to happen at times given that picking is the primary function at Somerton. Toll is committed to reducing the amount of pick to pick rotation, and wants to hear from members and delegates about any situations where someone feels unfairly stuck on picking tasks. 
    • Rotation should not be reduced or impacted by performance or reasonable absence. If anyone feels this is occurring speak to a delegate. 

New Items

  1. A few people were being rostered 9:55am to 2:01pm. That was a mistake and will not happen again. The shift is 10am to 2pm.
  2. Toll People are still being sent two rosters a week. This is different to TCS casuals who should get a weekly roster and who Toll says are rostered on availability and volume only - not performance. Any TCS casual not getting as many shifts as they would like should update Toll as to their availability. The issue of TP casuals being treated different and worse remains outstanding. 
  3. Casuals coming to work when not rostered. If a casual comes to work when they have not been rostered on they will not be given work or paid. 
  4. Workers doing a 6th day for the week should not have priority for non-pick roles. If this is happening Toll want to hear about it and stop it. 
  5. Overtime pick rate. Elias assured the NUW that there is no OT pick rate. OT is open to all direct TCS workers in the lead up to Xmas - regardless of pick rate. There is a list of TCS workers wanting OT, make sure you are on it if you want OT.


For more information, or to suggest an agenda item for next month, speak to your delegates.