Uncle Toby's Members vote on contribution to Change The Rules

Uncle Toby's Members vote on contribution to Change The Rules

409 NUW Members at Uncle Toby's vote on contribution to Change The Rules


This week members at Uncle Toby's have been voting to show their support for the ACTU's Change The Rules Campaign, which has been building pressure over recent months in the lead up to the Federal Election. Members have voted to contribute $20 to ensure the campaign can continue to make the case to all Australians for substantial changes to the current unfair workplace laws.

The campaign has demonstrated that union members are powerful - and we must as a movement unite to highlight the urgent need for secure jobs, collective bargaining rights, organising rights, and an end to wage stagnation and wage theft. At present power is stacked against workers and in favour of a small group of powerful big business owners who regularly exploit employees while reaping the benefits of tax breaks from the current government. The union movement must stand in solidarity, as we have in the past, to make sure that the growing trend of wage theft and the rampant abuse of workers who create profit for these companies is stopped.


Now is the time to demonstrate that we are united. We are union. And we will continue to grow our organising capabilities on the ground to ensure that promises made to support workers at the top are delivered on.

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