Workers at Allied Pinnacle vote to Change The Rules!

Workers at Allied Pinnacle vote to Change The Rules!

NUW Members vote unanimous support for campaign contribution.

The Allied Pinnacle site in Ballarat voted unanimously to contribute $20 to support the Change The rules campaign and keep pressure on in the run up to the Federal election. These votes are a demonstration of the union's determination to improve the lives of workers and hold power to account. NUW sites across the country are holding mass meetings to discuss how we continue to build organising power, for members to win fair pay and conditions.

NUW members continue to demand the right to strike outside of the narrow bargaining period. We demand democratic bargaining for all workers, to bargain for fair wages and conditions across our sites and industries. These fundamental rights will help restore the balance of power and a fairer bargaining system for workers to win Jobs You Can Count On.

Allied Pinnacle have contributed to winning lasting change - and we will continue to build union power on the ground to make sure these promises are delivered.

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